ISBN: 978-1-93240-450-0
Type: Trios & More
Genre: Drama
Themes: Social Issues, Abuse, Family - Dysfunctional
Duration: 8-10 minutes
Speaking Cast: 6 females, 4 males (10 total cast)
SYNOPSIS: Domestic violence is an issue that finds its way into all cultures and all walks of life. This well researched collection will allow students to see how people around the world have the same issues, yet deal with them uniquely. A mix of tension and humor makes these pieces as entertaining as they are educational. The original production was sponsored by the cities of West Hollywood and Beverly Hills as well as a variety of social service agencies. The writer was a Special Nominee for the 3rd Annual Domestic Violence Prevention Award by the county of Los Angeles. Includes: 1. Bag Of Chocolate (1M, 2F) Lori, a woman who works for a crisis hotline, finds herself unwelcome in a Russian-American household when she tries to intervene between an abusive husband and his wife. In Russia, they say it's not a crime to beat your wife. Can Lori help this family see things are different in America? 2. Bruises Shmuses (2M, 2F) Such a thing shouldn't happen in a good Jewish home! Linda tries to hide from the truth that her husband abuses her for fear of shaming her family within the community. While her defensive mother-in-law tries to sweep it under the rug, her brother Jeffrey tries to convince Linda to take the kids and get out. Tension mounts as everyone realizes nothing is as easy as it seems. 3. Too Much Tradition (1M, 2F) He's out of work; she just got a promotion. It wasn't how things were supposed to be in this country. In this skit, a young woman is forced to find strength to cope with a husband who abuses her for her success, and stand up to her own mother, who believes a wife should defer to her husband no matter how he treats her.
Sidney Lanier High School Theatre Department
Austin, TX
A.C.T. Coalition
Stockton, CA
The Breaking the Silence skit series, originally eight short plays in all, was produced in West Hollywood in 2003, sponsored by the cities of W. Hollywood and Beverly Hills, CA, and several area social service agencies. The skits received a special nomination for the Third Annual Domestic Violence Prevention Awards in Los Angels County. It was broadcast on cable a discussion on domestic violence was held afterwards.The purpose of these pieces was to help the audience understand that while DV is pervasive in almost every culture, there are different culture issues that need to be addressed when trying to help a specific population. It was also designed to help people explain to immigrants that in the USA there is help for DV, even if it was not available in their home country. The scripts were supervised by people knowledgeable in each culture.Why produce this play if you''re not Russian, Jewish, or Korean? Because this is a universal issue it will help people understand that they are not alone and possible encourage others to help victims in all races and cultures.
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