ISBN: 978-1-93240-449-4
Type: Trios & More
Genre: Comedy
Themes: Work, Testing, Fairy Tale
Duration: 30 minutes
Speaking Cast: 6 females, 3 males, 9 either (18 total cast)
Flexibility: gender flexible
SYNOPSIS: Fun drama with laughs to spare! From an exotic market place to the fast food counter, to the land of queens and princesses, this great collection of short skits finds humor the world over. Great fun for actors of any age. Comedic skits include: 1. Not at any Price (2E) A marketplace vendor refuses to haggle with a boorish customer. 2. A Dime's Worth of Difference (2E) A fast food customer doesn't want the combo. Even if it saves money! 3. Do What You Will (3E) Three relatives disagree over the disposition of Grandma's estate. 4. Panic Night (1M, 1F, 2E) Students cramming for a test disagree with the finer points of history. 5. The Doctor Won't See You Now (1M, 3F) She's on to your tricks! This nurse won't let anyone past her! 6. The Princess and the Pique (1M, 2F, 1E) This royal young lady wonders why so many mattresses, and what's with the pea in her bed?
Stoneman Douglas HS
Parkland, FL
South Fayette Middle School Forensics
Pittsburgh, PA
Woodside High School
Woodside, CA
Great Neck North Middle School
Great Neck, NY
Highland Park ISD
Amarillo, TX
Princess Anne High School
Norfolk, VA
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