Type: Duet
Genres: Comedy, Classics
Themes: Shakespeare, Classic Adaptations
Duration: 10 minutes
Speaking Cast: 1 female, 1 male (2 total cast)
SYNOPSIS: Remember how Romeo and Juliet ends? UTTER TRAGEDY! Romeo visits Juliet, assuming she is dead, drinks some poison and dies just as Juliet wakes up from her nice long potion-induced nap. She's distraught, decides to kill herself, and the rest is literary history. But what if Shakespeare had revised his greatest romance just a bit? What if Juliet didn't stab herself? What if Romeo's poison was a dud? What would happen next? ABSOLUTE HILARITY! This utterly original spoof is the perfect comic gem for a talented actor and actress.
Guardian Angels Central Catholic
West Point, NE
Dell Rapids School District
Dell Rapids, SD
High School
Prattville, AL
Arlington High School
Pelham High School
Pelham, GA
University of Northern Iowa
Cedar Falls, IA
"Best Play was awarded to Romeo Revised by Wilkie High School at the Saskatchewan Drama Association Regional Festival (2009). This is the second play by Bradford to pop up at this festival, and it's no surprise why. His plays are obviously a hoot to perform, and audiences eat them up. The timing of the two leads was so impeccable that, I swear, they could be plopped into the lastest Judd Apatow movie and fit right in. A very, very strong production...difficult to top!"
By Bradley Hayward - Playwright - Drama, He Wrote (Blog)
The idea to re-write the ending of Romeo and Juliet came to me while I was playing the role of Mercutio. As you know, my character dies right before intermission, which meant that I had a lot of down time to write! I read my re-write to the cast after the last performance - they loved it! I think your audiences will too.
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