Type: Trios & More
Genres: Comedy, Mystery
Theme: Play Within A Play
Duration: 10 minutes
Speaking Cast: 6 females, 2 males (8 total cast)
SYNOPSIS: Ashley is in directorial hell. Her corpse won't lie still, her actors won't stop making up lines, and to add to her stress, this murder mystery was written by her assistant principal. Forget figuring out whodunit - will Ashley be able to reconfigure this mess into something resembling a play?
Manhattan Youth Recreation and Resources
New York, NY
Sutton High School
Sutton, NE
Pine Valley Middle School
San Ramon, CA
Cherry Drama
Iron, MN
Starlighters II Theatre
Anamosa, IA
Commack High School IB Theatre Class
Commack, NY
"Don Lowry’s Murder Most Foul, about a group of students rehearsing a murder mystery written by their assistant principal. Their frustrated “director,” Ashley (Tamar Gelber), can’t get the cast to cooperate with any of her instructions. Mr. Powell’s “corpse” (Hensley, playing the role of Gary) won’t stay dead, everyone keeps ad-libbing their lines, one girl wants to change her character’s name in the script from Darlene Jones to Darlene Clooney (George Clooney’s “niece”), while another insists on being referred to as Wendy Montana, Hannah Montana’s sister. In addition to Hensley’s endearing inability to remain immobile, director Evan Harpin gets some nice attention deficit disorder acting out of Ciara Bowser, Erin McCarthy, Molly Stone, and Gabrielle White."
By Paul Kolas - Reviewer - Telegram & Gazette
"A fabulous script for kids! We used this one to introduce five young people to the stage who had never performed before. Being just ten minutes long and not too many lines meant they could all get a speaking role. We had several more experienced young actors in the play to give guidance."
By Ian Yates - Assistant Director - Stuarts Point Players
Stuarts Point Players, Anna Kaczan as Lt Carter and Tom Burke as the chauffer. We had the kids play...
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