ISBN: 978-1-60003-066-6
Type: Trios & More
Genres: Drama, Classics
Themes: Fairy Tale, Dating, Classic Adaptations
Duration: 10 minutes
Speaking Cast: 2 females, 1 male (3 total cast)
SYNOPSIS: After Ella's terrible break-up with her boyfriend, Matt, she creates a fantasy version of her ex who fulfills her every romantic dream. When her roommate finally convinces her it's time to move on, she must face the horrible question: how do you break up with an imaginary boyfriend who doesn't want to leave?
Benton High School
St. Joseph, MO
Rosholt School District
Rosholt, WI
Ooltewah Middle School
Ooltewah, TN
Murphy Middle School
Murphy, TX
Lyons-Decatur Northeast Schools
Lyons, NE
Our Town Players
South Haven, MI
"It's rarely easy when a couple breaks up. But in Jacquelyn Priskorn's Glass Slipper, Size 8 12, Ella (Joanna Bronson) copes by creating an imaginary, fairy-tale-like world in which the romance is still alive with her former lover Matt (Andrew Neil), who attends her needs as a Prince Charming-like stud. Reality intrudes, however, when roommate Sherilyn (Sarah Oravetz) returns home and insists the two of them go out together and hunt some real men to play with that evening. Will that help Ella get over Matt? And how will dream-world Matt feel about it? With limited space and an even more limited budget, director Terie Spencer shows true imagination and creativity with this cute little production. The show's opening in dream land is nicely executed - kudos to assistants Cierra Anthony and Maggie Smith for their work at various points throughout the show - and all three principles are relatable throughout. (Many appreciative murmurs were heard throughout the mostly female audience on opening night when Neil entered a scene shirtless - and with good reason.) This was my favorite of the four shows on opening night - and with some tightening of the line delivery in a few spots and maybe a slightly more romanticized Matt in yet another, this could be a likely contender for the best show of the festival."
By Hayes, Calamia and Quinn - Theatre Critic - PrideSource/ Blackbox Detroit
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