ISBN: 978-1-61588-308-0
Type: One Act
Genres: Comedy, Mystery, Fantasy
Theme: Teen Experience
Duration: 55 minutes
Speaking Cast: 8 females, 7 males (15 total cast)
Flexibility: 10 extras, gender flexible
SYNOPSIS: It's the beginning of what seems like just another school year for four students at Reedsville Middle School. Until they discover the arrival of a strange new math teacher. From the first day of class, the students realize that something just isn't right about the beautiful Miss Neila. She makes odd noises in class, takes strange calls from people asking if everything is 'going as planned' and to top it all, her name spelled backwards is ALIEN! The four friends, which include the editor of the school's paper, a jock, a quiet and talented honor student and an avid science fiction nut, go as far as to spy on their teacher at home, where they discover her sitting in her living room swathed in a glowing, green light. Along the way, the students try to convince the skeptical school principal that the new teacher is an alien bent on the destruction of Earth, avoid a school bully and do their own investigation of this strange new faculty member. The foursome finally confront the teacher with their 'evidence' at the annual student talent contest where she reveals a dark secret from her past. Is Miss Neila an alien or just a strange, young teacher? This fun, fast-paced cliffhanger keeps everyone on the edge of their seats until the very last page where the teacher's secret identity is finally uncovered.
South JHS
Anaheim, CA
Cypress Fairbanks ISD
Houston, TX
Centennial Middle School Drama
Broken Arrow, OK
Southside Middle School Drama Club
Manchester, NH
Delta Middle School
Delta, CO
Cathedral High School
Saint Cloud, MN
"The kids had fun and audiences enjoyed our take on the script (our school loves the author.)"
By Jeremy Wollersheim - Director - Cathedral High School
I got the idea for this play after remembering an incident several years ago while walking in my neighborhood. My wife and I saw a series of strange lights which we considered to be a UFO. I was walking in the same spot several years later when I remembered the incident and began to wonder what would happen if that UFO had landed in my neighborhood, an alien had gotten out and tried to pose as a human. The play "Our Teacher Is An Alien" was born from this musing and written to appeal to middle school audiences. I purposely wrote the play for inexperienced actors who could simply play students, and for the adult parts of teachers and administrators to be easily performed by members of the school's faculty. We had great fun performing it and I you enjoy it.
by Jeff Lovett
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