ISBN: 978-1-61588-289-2
Type: One Act
Genres: Comedy, Mystery
Themes: Crime, Manipulation
Duration: 35 minutes
Speaking Cast: 8 females, 4 males (12 total cast)
SYNOPSIS: Hired by Mrs. Buffington to solve her husband's murder, amateur detectives Alexis Scott and Tabby Ross arrive at Buffington Manor to find a house full of possible suspects. Beginning with the malevolent butler, a paranoid maid, a sleepwalking niece, several crooked cooks, a shifty chaffeur, and the eccentric Mrs. Buffington herself. The testimonies are exaggerated, the investigation highly-entertaining.
Glenview Middle School
Anderson, SC
Saskatoon, SK, Canada
WHS Theatre Company
Windham, NH
Waukon High School
Waukon, IA
East Jackson High School
Jackson, MI
Kelseyville High School
Kelseyville, CA
"This play is so much fun. My actors loved performing because the characters were so likable and the script flows well. I thought Mrs. Buffington would steal the show but it turned out to be Tabby that did. Audience loved the play also."
By Pam Evitts - Director - High School
"Due to popular demand, we were asked to extend the number of performances. Thank you for offering plays like Maniac Manor that appeal to both our students and the community."
By Carol Gaikowski - Director - Roslyn High School
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