ISBN: 978-1-61588-364-6
Type: One Act
Genre: Comedy
Themes: School Life & College, Love & Romance, Dating
Duration: 30 minutes
Speaking Cast: 6 females, 2 males, 3 either (11 total cast)
SYNOPSIS: Fred and Sally, two middle school students, are interested in dating each other but must play “the game” to find out if they are “dating material.” An overbearing game show host, Barb (or Bob if this part is played by a male), runs the game, and Janie (or Johnny) is Barb’s faithful—if overworked and unappreciated—game show announcer. Nana White, the game show’s co-host, is an extremely old and often grumpy has-been game show girl.
The cast is rounded out by Cue Card Girl, who never speaks but often gets into the action and Sally and Fred’s friends, who make up the studio audience and play the games—often to the detriment of the “show.” Frank, Fred’s best friend, is more interested in finding a girlfriend for himself than in helping Frank. Judy, Fred’s obnoxious, gum-chewing ex-girlfriend, is there to sabotage the blossoming romance between Fred and Sally, and Sally’s friend, Anna, has such a bad case of stage fright that she can barely speak. Finally, there is Liz (or Kyle if played by a male) who wants everyone to stop playing games and to leave Fred and Sally alone. Barb and Nana White spend much of their time forcefully stifling Liz’s protests.
The game starts with a “history” of the relationship between boys and girls, starting with the kindergarten fear of cooties and ending with boys and girls needing a telephone chain of friends to try to express their feelings for one another. The game then moves on to a series of challenges that spoof many modern game shows such as “The Time Is Right,” “Dating Survivor,” “Perfect Match” and “Date Him or Hate Him.” The show culminates in a huge chase scene as Liz ultimately succeeds in undermining Barb’s efforts and finally gets Fred and Sally alone to discover the possibilities of dating without playing games.
New Prague High School
New Prague, MN
Atkinson County High School
Pearson, GA
Eagle Ridge Middle School
Savage, MN
MACCRAY Public Schools
Clara City, MN
Fairmount Public Schools
Fairmount, ND
Tripp-Delmont School
Tripp, SD
"We performed this play with my school drama club and it was absolutely hilarious. The audience loved it!"
By Sarah - Actress - Hebron Middle School
"I got the t-shirts for Middle School Dating Game and they are terrific! Thanks for helping me, being so nice, and being really patient!"
By Laci McClung - Director - Guntown Middle School
When I directed this show with my students, the art teacher helped my students silkscreen t-shirts with the logo for The Middle School Dating Game. All the actors wore these and a pair of jeans except Liz, whose t-shirt was blank and Barb, who wore an open sequins jacket over her shirt and Nana White, who wore a very ugly dress that we didn't want to cover up. This made costuming simple. Now that Heuer makes production t-shirts, these could be used as well.
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