ISBN: 978-1-60003-782-5
Type: One Act
Genres: Ensemble Cast, Drama
Themes: Psychology, Health Care, Emotional Distress
Duration: 30 minutes
Speaking Cast: 4 females, 4 males (8 total cast)
SYNOPSIS: A journey through the mind and memory of Amanda, a 26-year-old woman, ...and others explores the dissociative identity disorder (multiple personality syndrome) that resulted from a trauma she suffered at thirteen. Seven personas – female and male – struggle for control. With a mix of terrifying intensity, quirky humor, and heartbreaking revelations, this thirty-minute one-act play will give actors challenging roles to play, directors an opportunity for creative staging, and will have audiences on the edge of their seats.
Douglas High School
Box Elder, SD
Newell Fonda CSD
Newell, IA
Fernley High School
Fernley, NV
Thatcher USD #4
Thatcher, AZ
Clearfield High School
Clearfield, UT
theater department
Murrieta, CA
"...And Others is a difficult and challenging play to produce as it requires extensive work on mastering timing and movement. That being said, these are the very reasons that the play can do so well at competitions. We continually received compliments on our staging and our timing and how they really brought this play to a new level. The story is tragic and keeps audiences wondering what will happen next."
By Carter Hill - Director - Stanley High School
Artwork for original production and New York City premiere.
A.J. Katek, Elena Conti, and original cast in New York City premiere.
Monica Ramirez, Elena Conti, Tristan Campbell, and original cast in New York City premiere.
Tristan Campbell and Elena Conti in New York City premiere.
Marija Petovic and cast in the original production.
(from left to right) Logan Umbanhowar, Hailey Araza, Elena Conti, Marija Petovic, Anthony Quezada,...
(from left to right) Hailey Araza, Marija Petovic, Elena Conti, A.J. Katek, Monica Ramirez, Anthony...
(from left to right) Tristan Campbell, Elena Conti, A.J. Katek, Marija Petovic, Anthony Quezada,...
Logan Umbanhowar and Tristan Campbell in the original production.
Marija Petovic (and cast, all unseen, directly behind her) in the original production.
Marija Petovic and Monica Ramirez in the original production.
by Dennis Bush, Taunton High School (MA)
Taunton High School
Taunton High School
Stanley High School, North Dakota Region 10 Class B Play Champions North Dakota Class B State...
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