ISBN: 978-1-93180-512-4
Type: One Act
Genre: Comedy
Themes: Shakespeare, Hillbilly, Family
Duration: 45 minutes
Speaking Cast: 10 females, 7 males (17 total cast)
SYNOPSIS: Granny Murfree, head of the Murfree clan in the Tennessee Mountains, has one dying wish. Before she departs for the Promised Land, Granny wants her hillbilly family to learn and understand the words of William Shakespeare – the true sign of an "educated person." Granny's son, Pa Murfree, brings two university professors and two students up the mountain to teach the Murfree family about Shakespeare. As Billie Jean, Granny's granddaughter, falls hard for student Andrew when he recites Romeo's speech, the rest of the Murfree family attempts to grasp the language of the Bard. Hilarity ensues as the university "folk" make every effort to educate the comical Murfree family, while Granny holds onto a secret of her own.
Loften High School
Gainesville, FL
Santa Rosa Christian School
Milton, FL
Alamo Heights Junior School
San Antonio, TX
Wickline United Methodist Church
Midwest City, OK
Hurley High School
Hurley, VA
Michigan Center High School
Michigan Center, MI, MI
"Our students really enjoyed performing this piece of work! We had to edit it down to get it into our competition time frame but we didn't lose the integrity of the piece at all. It was a delightful, fun play to perform. We adapted the beginning tableau a bit more to fit our cast numbers which made it all the more wonderful."
By April Williams - Director - Pinewood Christian Academy
Pinewood Christian Academy, Cast and crew of Shakespeare and the Hillbillies performed by Pinewood...
Pinewood Christian Academy, Cast and crew of Shakespeare and the Hillbillies performed by Pinewood...
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