ISBN: 978-1-60003-729-0
Types: One Act, Holiday
Genres: Comedy, Fantasy
Themes: Zombies, Vampires, Twilight Zone, Manipulation, Food
Duration: 55 minutes
Speaking Cast: 9 females, 1 male, 9 either (19 total cast)
Flexibility: 0-8 extras, gender flexible
SYNOPSIS: Four friends, Natasha, Nanny, Ambrose and Beatrice, live in a house in a gated community. They have some secrets: the first, that they are vegetarian Vampires in hiding from the Vamp Gang, a hungry group of blood eating Vampires. Secondly, that they have given shelter to and are hiding some wandering Zombies. Natasha, in order to protect the Zombies and anyone they might meet on the outside is determined to humanize them so that they too can live in society like she and her friends do. Teaching the Zombies etiquette, which includes things like not eating the maids Phoebe and Millicents brains, elocution lessons from Shakespeare, and kindness from Mr. Rogers Neighborhood tapes, turns out to save the day for both the recovering Vampires and the childlike Zombies. No biting, no blood, great message.
Good Hope Country Day School
Kingshill, Virgin Islands
Polo Area Community Theatre
Polo, IL
Infinity Middle School
Aurora, CO
Theatre in the Grove
Forest Grove, OR
Willowside Middle School
Santa Rosa, CA
Twin Lakes Playhouse
Mountain Home, AR
"How to Hide Your Zombies is a funny, intelligent play about being true to yourself and not giving into peer pressure. It was as much fun to direct as it was to watch!!"
By Erin Anderson - Director - Shadow Ridge Middle School
""A cute, funny show that audiences of all ages will enjoy ."

"Kids would love this play. This is pure entertainment."

"A good lesson: -- just because it's hard does not mean you should not try."

"I also like the vocabulary words, and Mr. Rogers is wonderful."

" The characters are zany. The dialog's clever. "

Evaluators of the Jackie White Memorial Playwriting Contest, in which HOW TO HIDE YOUR ZOMBIES won 3rd place in 2013."

This play, although very funny, makes some serious points about overcoming a bad situation (Vampires eating vegetables not blood) and honors the kindness and spirit of Mr. Rogers by having the Vampires protect the Zombies.

But seriously, it's funny. Using lots of physical comedy will serve the play well.

Shadow Ridge Middle School, Various scenes
Shadow Ridge Middle School, Various scenes
Shadow Ridge Middle School, Various scenes
Shadow Ridge Middle School, Various scenes
Shadow Ridge Middle School, Various scenes
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