Type: Full Length
Genre: Comedy
Theme: Radio Theatre
Duration: 80 minutes
Speaking Cast: 3 females, 2 males, 5-32 either (10-37 total cast)
Flexibility: 5-10 extras, doubling possible, gender flexible
SYNOPSIS: COMING FALL 2020 With nods to radio show pastiche, this modern podcast style show opens with Max Best (AKA Captain Stupendous) once again keeping the streets of Populous safe from his arch enemy Nefarious. However, things get tricky when Piper Penbrooke, a smart upstart reporter, discovers an unknown truth. Captain Stupendous doesn't have any superpowers, he only thinks he does. Struggling with this new reality is only half of Max's battle, especially after Nefarious and his league of villainous rogues break out of jail. What's their plan? To kidnap the Captain, of course! While reassembling his self-identity, Max joins the fight as the new powerless superhero: Above Average Man!
Based on a web-series from creators Steve McDevitt and Wyatt Elliott. This reimagined effort has been written and produced with their full support.
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