ISBN: 978-1-60003-036-9
Type: Monologue
Genre: Comedy
Themes: Afterlife & Angels, Famous Characters, Travel
Duration: 10 minutes
Speaking Cast: 1 male (1 total cast)
SYNOPSIS: Alex, a surfer dude, tries really hard to be cast as Mercutio in his high school's rendition of Romeo and Juliet. Alex feels he can really understand the part because, like Mercutio, who dies in the play, he almost died in a surfing accident a few years ago. He tells of his hilarious escapades through the spirit world—playing chess with death, heading through a tunnel toward a big bright light that zaps you like a mosquito, and his strange encounter with Adolph Hitler in a storage closet. The afterlife is a scream!
JBS speech
Littcarr, KY
Blue Springs South High School
Blue Springs, MO
Macarthur Anglican School
Menangle, Australia
Stoughton High School Forensics
Stoughton, WI
Shiner Catholic School
Shiner, TX
Avant Garde Academy
Hollywood, FL
It's probably the most successful show I've ever written.
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