ISBN: 978-1-60003-645-3
Type: One Act
Genre: Drama
Themes: Illness, Dating, Conflict
Duration: 35 minutes
Speaking Cast: 5 females, 5 males (10 total cast)
SYNOPSIS: Tragedy links ten people who, just like animals backed into a corner, lash out when they’re trapped. Below the Belt brings together the characters and their stories, like pieces of a puzzle, to form a complete picture. We’re all witnesses and we all take sides.
Paynesville Area Schools
Paynesville, MN
Hettinger Public School
Hettinger, ND
Siena Heights University
Adrian, MI
SOKA Theatre Arts Club
Aliso Viejo, CA
Winslow High School Drama
Winslow, ME
Mallard Creek High School
Charlotte, NC
"I love the intensity of this play! The twist at the end unexpectedly grabs the audience with emotion. It is perfect for speech competitions."
By Tonia Hayes - Algona Community School District
"Working on BELOW THE BELT is a thrilling experience for the entire company. The actors have amazingly complex characters with rich relationships, compelling needs, and complex histories to savor and celebrate. For the director, there is a treasure hunt, a puzzle to solve, dots to connect, and of course, a story to be told and a truth to be revealed. The economy of the play is stunning. Every moment has a purpose, often more than one. What works as a simple response in the moment is also a clue to the larger picture. Much of the joy comes from making sure that the notes are hit clearly and cleanly so that the audience's aha moment is totally devastating. Having been in the house for performances, the gasps have been audible. One of the many pleasures we all shared was the brilliant shifts from riotously funny to heartbreakingly tragic. The text is elegantly scored as the melody shifts from major to minor. There are grace notes, themes, variations and syncopations. As in all of Dennis Bush's work, the rhythms are critical. They will tell the story, reveal the character, sell the punch-line, and ultimately ring out the truth. BELOW THE BELT inspired all of us involved with the production to work a little harder, plunge a little deeper and shine that much brighter. It provides an opportunity that is creatively challenging for a director, artistically satisfying for an ensemble and enormously entertaining for an audience."
By Lester Thomas Shane - Director - Off-Broadway production
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