ISBN: 978-1-61588-036-2
Type: Full Length
Genres: Comedy, Mystery
Theme: Haunted
Duration: 90 minutes
Speaking Cast: 13 females, 7 males (20 total cast)
SYNOPSIS: From the word “GO,” investigative reporters Livermore and Highwater are determined to get the (alleged) spooks at Billingsgate Mansion on the six o’clock news and get the break they need to save their jobs. The featured story: Seeing is Believing. Paranoid, they enter the dreaded Billingsgate mansion in ghost-catching wardrobe and full ghost gear (fatigues and a videocamera). One rat-a-tat-tat sends Livermore running for the exit, “This was a dumb idea, this was a stupid idea, this was a ridiculous idea!” and Highwater avowals, “And all three of them were yours!” Ever try to get a ghost on the six o’clock news? Here’s what you get: a ghostswept broadcast with a squad of lost cheerleaders, a double-dealing horror movie producer and her secretary, a couple of convicts trying to stash a body in the basement, and a bumbling policeman on the prowl. Nobody can tell the guests from the ghosts and shortly after the news, it’s every ghost for himself. Only Pat Cook gives you all the comforts of home in this fast-paced farcical ghosthunt with a ghostbuster named Pookee. One interior set.
Grand River Preparatory High School
Kentwood, MI
Eastside High School
Lancaster, CA
Sioux Valley Schools
Volga, SD
Dodge City High School
Dodge City, KS
Piedmont Hills HS
Morgan Hill, CA
Rainier MS
Auburn, WA
"A hilarious, fast-paced comedy that offers a number of fun roles for young performers. Simple to stage with just one set. We used this for our Junior Varsity show, and it was a real crowd-pleaser."
By Dean Dyer - Director - Western High School
"Hilarious! This play was a lot of fun to perform. We were told it was one of the best shows we've ever done. Another high school in the area liked it so much they are considering it for next year! Highly recommended. Something to consider - a great special effect for the end of the show is Pepper's Ghost, it's very effective."
By Stacy Barth - Director - Upper Sandusky High School
"This is a wonderful play! Kudos to Mr. Cook!!! My students and I had a fantastic time working with it. We thank you."
By Wendy Hassemer - Director - Pablo Royal
I grew up in a small town watching a lot of Saturday afternoon B-movie spooktaculars. This one was my chance to write my own. Plus, I love to throw in cheerleaders whenever I can!
Upper Sandusky High School
Upper Sandusky High School
by Pat Cook, Upper Sandusky High School (OH)
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