ISBN: 978-1-60003-599-9
Type: One Act
Genres: Drama, Ensemble Cast
Themes: Emotional Distress, Abuse, Social Issues
Duration: 30 minutes
Speaking Cast: 4 females, 2 males (6 total cast)
Flexibility: gender flexible
SYNOPSIS: An emotional exploration of what lies behind the facades we show the world, Find Me weaves together the revelations of six characters struggling with life-changing events. A victim of abuse learns a lesson that puts the power in her hands, a young woman confronts her overwhelming fears, a mother knows the truth and isn't going to be silent anymore, a young man reacts forcefully when faced with his sister's mortality, a technology-challenged woman discovers where the faulty equipment really is, and a recently-dumped guy longs for what he's never had. At times laugh-out-loud funny and heartbreakingly dramatic, this searing one-act takes us on an unflinching journey to the truth.
Belfield Public School
Belfield, ND
Wrightstown High School
De Pere, WI
St. John's College
Brantford, ON
Eckerd College
Saint Petersburg, FL
BHS Theatre
Beaver, UT
Hinckley-Finlayson Speech
Hinckley, MN
"I first read "Find Me" 3 years ago and just loved the acting and directing challenges it presented. When I finally staged it, I was fortunate to line up a great cast. We not only won our theatre's festival but the 2015 Delaware Theatre Association (DTA) festival as well. Of the 7 awards at DTA, this cast took home 5! It's well written and thought provoking. Great play"
By Gail Wagner - Director - Reedy Point Players, LTD
"This play truly challenged my students in ways they were not expecting. But, it was a good challenge. These students have never been more proud of a product they put out. This show has roles for semi-inexperienced actors to your strongest actors and actresses. If you want a show your audience will enjoy, please consider this play."
By Michael Dendy - Drama TeacherDirector - Starkville High School
Starkville High School, Sheila
Starkville High School, Elise
Starkville High School, Jody
Starkville High School, Krystal
Starkville High School, Show Poster
Starkville High School, Cast Photo
Starkville High School, Gabe
Starkville High School, Gil
Reedy Point Players, Delaware City Delaw, The cast of Find Me at the Delaware Theatre Association...
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