ISBN: 978-1-61588-420-9
Type: Musical
Genres: Drama, Classics
Duration: 120 minutes
Speaking Cast: 10 females, 9 males (19 total cast)
Flexibility: 10-40 extras
SYNOPSIS: “It's the Twelfth Century, England, once a proud and honorable land is now held in the clutches of terror. Freedom of speech is a thing of the past, an evil force sweeps through the land. Can this evil be opposed? One mans belief is often not enough to change anything, but where that belief inspires others, there is hope. There once lived such a man... his name, was Robin Hood.”
This classic retelling of Robin Hood will leave your audiences stunned. Between the sword fights, the phenomenal music (with nods to classic '80s rock), and a large cast with ensemble––this musical is sure to be a crowd pleaser!
ACT ONE: Women and children are being terrorized by Sir Guy of Gisborne, evil henchman to the Sheriff of Nottingham. When the women don't comply with Gisborne's orders, the soldiers ransack their village whilst making terrible threats at what hardships lie ahead. Out of fear for their lives, the women and children evacuate the village and set out to find their men—who are hidden in Sherwood Forest. Upon hearing of the villager's defiance, the Sheriff swears ultimate vengeance whilst fantasizing about his own ascent to the throne of England. Robin of Locksley happens upon the male villagers, now outlaws of Nottingham, while on his way through Sherwood Forest. Robin is particularly stirred to hear of the Sheriff’s impending ‘forced’ marriage to his childhood sweetheart, Maid Marian, and vows to lead the Outlaws in a courageous attempt to restore order while in the process rescuing his true love from the Sheriff’s clutches.
ACT TWO: After rescuing the women and children from the Sheriff's soldiers, Robin reunites the women with their Outlaw men. The Outlaws led by Robin set off to Nottingham to take back their freedom. Under the guise of beggars, they attend the Silver Arrow Show. When Robin wins the archery contest the Outlaws quickly find out that this was a trap set by the Sheriff and Gisborne. Pandemonium ensues with the Outlaws barely escaping the predicament alive. The Sheriff in a moment of utter rage announces that he and Marian will be married the following day. Robin and the Outlaws gatecrash the wedding and the Sheriff and Robin engage in a bitter sword fight to the death, at which Robin prevails. King Richard returns to restore order to his kingdom, leaving his people to rejoice in their newly found freedom from the tyrannical yet amusing Sheriff of Nottingham.
Cove Community Theater LLC
Loysburg, PA
Round Valley High School
Eagar, AZ
Reclaiming ARTS Theatre Dept
Edmond, OK
Billings Senior High School
Billings, MT
Playhouse of Fulton County
Canton, IL
Cherise Soignet Music Studio
Vacherie, LA
It is very difficult to explain quickly (or easily) how we got to this point with HOOD. It started off as more of a challenge we set for ourselves back in 1992 and ended up with quite a life of its own.

As two Englishmen ourselves we both loved the old English tale of Robin Hood and felt that there were so many important missed messages in current retellings. We felt that someone should at least have a go at doing a serious musicals version instead of just "another" Panto!

So let's get at least one thing straight here -- HOOD definitely ain't no Pantomime!

Both of us wanted to try and capture all the elements of the original myth/legend (plus a few of our own additions) and bring them to life musically. We really hope that we have done the old tale justice. We've tried to stay as close to the original Robin Hood myth as possible by incorporating all the important messages that it clearly evokes--any artistic license and detachments from the original myth on our part is only used to help the story work and be performed successfully as a stage show in the best possibly way. We truly went to 'the ends of the earth' for HOOD and threw away more words and music than actually made it to the final cut, such was the intensity of our ambitions.

We both truly searched our souls for this musical, and we both know that much of that soul searching was captured for all times in the songs and music that eventually made it to the final CD masters that you hear today. To say that we are both quite happy with how things turned out is a very big thing for two extreme perfectionists! It is worth adding that we set ourselves no boundaries when writing this musical, it was not written specifically for schools and none of the writing has been purposely 'made easy' by us, which will hopefully make it a challenging and rewarding project for all to take on.

Centerstage, Eastleigh (UK)
SAPOS, Blackpool (UK)
Gooseberry Park Players, Fargo (MA)
Henfield Theatre Company, Henfield (UK)
Willow Tree Theatre, Tiverton (UK)
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