ISBN: 978-1-64479-016-8
Type: One Act
Genres: Comedy, Ensemble Cast
Duration: 55 minutes
Speaking Cast: 3-6 females, 4 males, 3-20 either (10-30 total cast)
Flexibility: 0-20 extras, doubling possible, gender flexible
SYNOPSIS: Dodgeball! Flirting! Selfies! The cool bench! Body spray for men! All the Horrors of Middle School! Plus, the usual victims: The nerds, the jocks, the preps, the punkers and many others, team up to demonstrate the “worst” catastrophes of their generation in this one-act comedy about fitting in and finding acceptance. While poking fun at teenaged insecurities and superficial stereotypes, this fast-paced vignette-style play examines the obstacles and pitfalls of middle school and reminds all those who have already traversed that world that nostalgia isn’t what it used to be. With a large, extremely flexible cast of zany characters and a simple set, this cheerful production will warm the heart of anyone who dares experience the 30 Horrible Catastrophes of Middle School!
Ruthven-Ayrshire HS
Ruthven, IA
Montgomery Central Middle School Drama Club
Cunningham, TN
Weld Re-9 School District
Ault, CO
Mount Pleasant Middle School
Mount Pleasant, NC
Waukon Junior High
Waukon, IA
Rock Valley Community School District
Rock Valley, IA
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