ISBN: 978-1-60003-559-3
Type: Trios & More
Genres: Dark Comedy, Mystery
Themes: Manipulation, Marriage, Death
Duration: 10 minutes
Speaking Cast: 1 female, 2 males (3 total cast)
SYNOPSIS: Faithful maid, Mary has awoken with an umbrella fused to her hand. Collateral damage from another one of Master Paul's fatal marriage proposals. Master Paul must be married before his 30th birthday, but somehow his proposals always end in death. How much longer can his faithful servants, Mary and his stoic butler Dobbins survive Paul's reckless romance?
A.R. MacNeill Secondary Theatre Dept
Richmond, BC, Canada
Winfield City High School
Winfield, AL
MCHS Debate
Hyrum, UT
McMillen High School
Murphy, TX
Antigo High School Forensics
Antigo, WI
Erie High School
Erie, CO
"The Reckless Romantic is an O. Henry-ish tale by Jacquelyn Priskorn with a surprise ending I didn't see coming. The son of a millionaire has only a month left in which to get married or he'll lose his inheritance. The problem, though, is that his last three fiances all died mysteriously - which makes potential fiance number four, his maid, wonder about her own chances of walking down the aisle! Given the short time frame in which BoxFest shows are rehearsed, director Kathleen Leitz played it mostly safe with her chuckle-filled production. A sub-plot about an umbrella could have been much more outlandish (and funnier) had more time been allotted to safely work out complicated physical comedy. But John Nowaczyk was spot on as Dobbins the butler (one of the best performances of the night), and Lesley Braden-Phillips as the shaken-up maid Mary was also fine. And you just KNEW that mild-mannered and somewhat flighty Paul as played by Gary Castaneda COULDN'T have killed all those women, right? Or DID he?"
By Donald V. Calamia - Theatre Critic - PrideSource
"Well-executed costumes and props contribute to the histronics of The Reckless Romantic (by Jacquelyn Priskorn, director Kathleen Leitz), in which happy-go-lucky bachelor Gary Castaneda couldn't care less about the accidental deaths of a string of fiancees, to the great distress of his butler (John Nowaczyk) and collateral-damage maid (Lesley Braden-Phillips). The overblown soap opera delivery is a great assist to the tongue-in-cheek comedy, especially when the plot twists start to unfold."
By Carolyn Hayes - Theatre Critic - The Rogue Critic, Boxfest Detroit
This play is inspired by the painting The Singing Butler by Jack Vettriano. It is recommended that the costumes reflect this, but not entirely necessary. This can be a fun, yet challenging exercise in physical comedy. In the first staging of this play, the director chose to have both of Mary's hands fused to the umbrella, which made for some funny moments with the engagement ring. However, one hand free of the umbrella is perfectly fine.
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