ISBN: 978-1-93240-457-9
Type: One Act
Genres: Dark Comedy, Comedy
Themes: Future, Media, Love & Romance
Duration: 30 minutes
Speaking Cast: 4 females, 5 males, 1 either (10 total cast)
Flexibility: 0-5 extras, doubling possible, gender flexible
SYNOPSIS: This dark satire of reality programming introduces us to Stanley, the host of "the fabulous, live, reality based theatrical venture called The Blender!" Stanley and his assistants, the Snatchers, bring in unknowing specimens—people from various walks of life at points of high drama. Stanley's purpose: blend ‘em! What would happen, for instance, if you took a pregnant woman having premature labor pains and stuck her with someone about to commit suicide? What sort of entertainment might spring from that blending? For Stanley, after all, and presumably for all of America, the only issue is entertainment. Human suffering and conflict? The more the better, as long as it doesn't get boring. Trouble ensues, however, when one of Stanley's snatchers falls in love with his specimen and doesn't want her to be subjected to The Blender. By the end, the only laughter and cheering will come from the taped audience. The live audience will be in shock, especially when the final indictment of the play is aimed directly at them.
Cocke County High School
Newport, TN
Mayfield High School
Las Cruces, NM
Hoover High School
Hoover, AL
St Dunstans College
Benonj, South Africa
Kimball Public Schools
Kimball, NE
Blacksburg High School
Blacksburg, VA
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