ISBN: 978-1-60003-545-6
Type: Monologue
Genre: Comedy
Themes: Competition, Family, Social Status
Duration: 10 minutes
Speaking Cast: 1 female (1 total cast)
SYNOPSIS: Roxette Putnam is up for the biggest event of her life: playing a solo flute concerto with the local symphony orchestra. Her problem? She’s not the only one. A performance competition pits her against two other top notch performers in a contest run by a snooty conductor who doesn’t care about excuses, only the final result. You’ll bristle at her arrogance, and you’ll laugh at her characterizations of her fellow combatants. Does she have it in the bag, or… why does the music keep changing? Whether she wins or not, this is a great opportunity for a talented actress to come out on top.
High school
Cottonwood, MN
Moberly High School
Moberly, MO
Summit High School
Bend, OR
Troy District 30
Plainfield, IL
Sabetha High School Drama
Sabetha, KS
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