ISBN: 978-1-61588-455-1
Type: Full Length
Genres: Comedy, Fantasy
Themes: Fairy Tale, Courtroom, Jury & Trial
Duration: 65 minutes
Speaking Cast: 4-9 females, 6-7 males, 3-6 either (13-22 total cast)
Flexibility: 0-20 extras, doubling possible, gender flexible
SYNOPSIS: Hooray for Justice! is a courtroom comedy ideal for workshop, classroom, or community theater. It can be performed by actors ages 12 – adult. When used with commercials, running time can be extended to a short two act or a long one act play. Scripted commercials are optional.
The story, which parodies tabloid television and courtroom drama, includes familiar fairy tale and nursery rhyme characters. Herwaldo Kimera, host of OUTSIDE EDITION, brings you the “outside dirt on the inside story’ as the audience becomes the jury in the case of La-La Land vs. Percival S. Wolf.
Percival S. Wolf stands accused of pushing Humpty Dumpty off the wall near the king’s castle. Humpty, who has survived the famous fall with injuries, tells a forlorn tale of persecution by Wolf throughout his childhood years.
Witnesses for the prosecution led by attorney Mary Payson, include one of the King’s Men who was the first at the scene, Dorky Pig, and the very flakey Fairy Godmother, Wanda. Mr. Wolf, who claims he is innocent and has reformed his deviant ways, is defended by his cousin Benny Padlock. Padlock calls two of the dwarfs, Sneezy and Doc Little, to the stand, as well as Goldie Goose, who actually gave birth to Humpty many years ago.
As the witnesses testify to the motive and means of the crime, the trial builds to a fantastic finish that puts Humpty behind bars.
La Farge School District
La Farge, WI
Covenant Christian School
Tuscumbia, AL
Oelwein Middle School
Oelwein, IA
Logan-Magnolia Community Schools
Logan, IA
Sierra Vista USD #68
Sierra Vista, AZ
Litchfield Middle School
Akron, OH
Arcadia Middle School, Director and Cast of Hooray for Justice! May 2016
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