ISBN: 978-1-61588-139-0
Type: Full Length
Genres: Melodrama, Comedy
Themes: Scheming, Love & Romance
Duration: 90 minutes
Speaking Cast: 8 females, 5 males (13 total cast)
SYNOPSIS: Filled with puns, punches, and munchable moose muffins, this classic melodrama is wonderfully entertaining. Set in the roomy (by that I mean almost always vacant) Dead Moose Lodge, this delightful melodrama has a myriad of amusing characters (a must), plot twists (a necessity), and exaggerated scenes (defines melodrama) that your audience will adore. From the harried heroine, Marginally Modest (it’s the “margin” that bothers me!) to the villainous Brad Apple (one “Brad Apple” spoiled the bunch) to our splendidly honest hero, Seymore Stoutfellow (brains are not issued to an officer of the law) . . . the entire cast has a moment to steal the show (give ‘em an inch, they take a mile)! In short, Ma Belle (everybody gets a charge from Ma Belle: “Do you think I overcharge folks?”) fights to save the Dead Moose Lodge from repossession and somehow manages to hold off the selfish advances of the lecherous Judge Jury McBribe (“Don’t forget the bribe!”). While Granny Fanny is searching for a husband, (“At my age, you don’t have time to fiddle-faddle around!) Prunehilda fights to defend her honor, even though no one is threatening it. Willimena Worm falls madly in love with Turkey O’Trot and fills him with moose munchies (“There’s nothing I like more than a stuffed Turkey!”). Then Ruben Z. Patsy, undercover judge posing as an inept bumbler, arrives to sentence the guilty and perform the weddings (“Will this hurt much, Judge?”) Split set.
Osceola Community Players
Osceola, NE
Clearwater cast of characters
Clearwater, MN
Petra Academy
Bozeman, MT
Ernest Childers Middle School
Broken Arrow, OK
Edgewood High School Masqued Crafters
Centerville Senior High School
Centerville, IN
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