ISBN: 978-1-61588-141-3
Type: Full Length
Genres: Comedy, Classics
Themes: Famous Characters, Classic Adaptations, Fairy Tale
Duration: 70 minutes
Speaking Cast: 11 females, 6 males (17 total cast)
SYNOPSIS: Looking for big laughs and big adventure in a kingdom far, far away? Then look no further than the hysterically astounding best-selling play, Sleeping Beauty and the Beast. Both timely and timeless, this easy-to-stage comedy follows the valiant quest of the bumbling but good-hearted Prince Charmless as he attempts with all his might to save Princess Rose from the Wicked Faerie and her sleep-induced curse. Along the way, Prince Charmless meets and befriends an adventurous Puss ‘N’ Boots, a snarling Snow White, the helpful Headless Horseman and a very lonely Beast. In the ever-entertaining tradition of the Broadway musical, Into the Woods, and the smash hit movie, Shrek, Sleeping Beauty and the Beast turns fairy tales upside down and the result is a lively, flat-out funny show with a lot of great roles for your whole ensemble and great times for your entire audience.
Santiam Christian Schools
Adair Village, OR
Ipswich High School
Ipswich, SD
Mead Jr. High
Elk Grove Village, IL
Santa Teresa High School
San Jose, CA
GES Drama
Gilmanton Iron Works, NH
Saco Public School
Saco, MT
"This was a great play to use for with 7th-12th grade students. It has a wide range of characters and allowed for students who wanted to be involved but were stage shy to be part of the production as extras. The audience loved the comedy and plot."
By Erin Wehrli - Director - Deposit High School
"My students thoroughly enjoyed this show. Easy set, costumes and props. Funny for middle school students and adults."
By Brittany Rhea - Director - Franklin Junior High School
"Sleeping Beauty and the Beast was a fun script to work with for our cast and crew and it was well received by our community. The play itself is perfect for families as it offers something for everyone."
By Jennifer Wudrich - Director - Nose Creek Players
by Wade Bradford
John Deere High School (IL)
by Wade Bradford, Perry County Central High School (KY)
John Deere High School (IL)
John Deere High School (IL)
John Deere High School (IL)
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