Duration: 50-70 minutes
Music by Richard Rodgers
Book and Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II
"Impossible things are happening every day!" sings the Godmother in Rodgers & Hammerstein's musical fairy tale CINDERELLA, and impossible things will happen when young performers bring this timeless tale to life.
First seen as a television spectacular in 1957, and remade for television in 1965 and 1997, Rodgers & Hammerstein's CINDERELLA spins its own version of the traditional story, woven through with such beloved songs as "In My Own Little Corner," "Ten Minutes Ago" and "Impossible."
With the script and score lovingly adapted for elementary and middle school performers, this classic seems as fresh as today. After all, even if we know the story by heart, we still hold our breath until we are sure that the slipper fits.
Getting to Know... Rodgers & Hammerstein's CINDERELLA is the perfect show to introduce young people up through the 9th grade the magic of live theater.
SCENE 1: The Public Square

The Prince Is Giving a Ball!
[The Herald and Townspeople]

SCENE 2: The Stepfamily's Home

In My Own Little Corner

SCENE 3: The Royal Parlor

Your Majesties
[The King, Queen, Chef and Palace Staff]

Cinderella is an extremely good-natured girl despite the unpleasant environment in which she lives. As apparent in the song "In My Own Little Corner," she has a vivid fantasy life that helps her escape the dispirited reality of her everyday existence. Cinderella is an obedient child but does not allow her stepfamily's demeaning treatment of her to make her feel inferior. By returning to the palace in hopes of reconnecting with the Prince, Cinderella is taking her destiny into her own hands, proving her self-sufficiency.

The Princeis a warm and sensitive young man without pretensions. He is in no hurry to marry, preferring to find a bride in his own time. Despite his misgivings about the ball his mother has planned, he goes along with it so as not to hurt her feelings. When he meets Cinderella, her is insightful enough to realize that she is different from the other maidens at the ball. He is comfortable and able to share his feelings with her.

The Stepmother, unlike in some versions of the story, is not really evil. She is self-absorbed and focused on the needs of her own daughters at Cinderella's expense. She tends to ignore Cinderella unless she

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