Duration: 60 minutes
Book by Abe Burrows & Jo Swerling
Music & Lyrics by Frank Loesser
Originally Directed on Broadway by George S. Kaufman
One of Broadway's most hilarious shows, Guys and Dolls has been described as the perfect musical comedy. It is primarily based on Damon Runyon's short story "The Idyll of Miss Sarah Brown," which describes the unlikely romance between a pure at heart urban missionary and a slick Broadway gambler. The show's second romantic storyline involves Nathan Detroit and Miss Adelaide, who have been engaged for fourteen years. Nathan organizes "the oldest established, permanent floating craps game in New York," and Adelaide is the main attraction at the Hot Box nightclub.
Guys and Dolls opened on Broadway on November 24, 1950. Producers Cy Feuer and Ernest Martin assembled an exceptional team to bring Runyon's hard-shelled, but basically softhearted characters to the stage. The team, which included composer/lyricist Frank Loesser, co-book writer Abe Burrows, director George S. Kaufman, and choreographer Michael Kidd, created an instant hit, praised by reviewers as one of the most well constructed book musicals in Broadway history.
Guys and Dolls has had several successful Broadway revivals and tours, and is one of the most produced shows worldwide. The Broadway Junior version has the approval of the author's estate and was first produced in 1998.

Fugue for Tinhorns
[Nicely, Benny, Rusty Charlie, opt. Ensemble]

Follow the Fold
[Sarah and the Mission Band]

The Oldest Established
[Nicely, Benny, Nathan and Crapshooters]


I'll Know
[Sarah and
Nathan Detroit needn't be a great singer, but should be a good actor with excellent comic timing.

Adelaide needn't be a great singer, but must have a strong character voice and a good sense of pitch. She needs to be able to do a New York accent and have good comic timing.

Sky Masterson is the quintessential, smooth as velvet Broadway gambler. He needn't be a great singer, but MUST be able to own the stage in "Luck Be a Lady."

Sarah Brown is the girl next door with a more adventurous side that's waiting to get out. She must be an excellent singer and a good actor.

Arvide Abernathy is Sarah's grandfather. May also be cast as a girl, changing to Sarah's grandmother.

Nicely is walking, talking Broadway comedy. Your Nicely could be any physical type, but a great comedic actor and a wonderful singer.

Benny Southstreet is a gambler.

Rusty Charlie is a gambler.

Harry the Horse is a gambler.

Lt. Brannigan is a New York City cop.

General Cartwright is head of the Save-a-Soul mission.

Big Jule is a very tough, gun-toting gangster from

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