ISBN: 978-1-93240-458-6
Type: One Act
Genre: Comedy
Themes: Apocalypse, Death, Friendship
Duration: 25 minutes
Speaking Cast: 4 females (4 total cast)
SYNOPSIS: Samantha is informed by her guru, Jill, that the rapture will arrive tomorrow and she and the elect will be taken from the earth in spaceships. Samantha and her sister, Ricki, have been at odds ever since the tragic death of their parents, and Samantha realizes that she must say goodbye before being whisked into space. Ricki and her grandmother aren't surprised by Samantha's apocalyptic news—they've heard it from her before, but they go along for a wild night of farewells and a surprising visitation. A fast-paced, heartfelt comedy.
Hampton Roads Academy
Newport News, VA
St. Mary's Drama Club
Natchitoches, LA
Alexander, ND
Mayerthorpe High School
Mayerthorpe, AB, Canada
North Linn High School
Troy Mills, IA
One Night Stand Theater Productions
Englewood, CO
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