ISBN: 978-1-61588-347-9
Types: One Act, Holiday
Genres: Comedy, Classics
Themes: Christmas, Classic Adaptations
Duration: 60 minutes
Speaking Cast: 11 females, 10 males, 6 either (27 total cast)
Flexibility: 0-40 extras, doubling possible, gender flexible
SYNOPSIS: It's Christmas-time and all Alice wants to do is just sing one of her favorite holiday songs, "The Twelve Days of Christmas." But after just a few words, Alice realizes that when she sings, the characters in the popular holiday tune begin to come to life. Alice's boyfriend has decided to surprise her by sending her all of the twelve gifts mentioned in the traditional carol. With each verse, Alice unleashes a wacky stream of characters that are far from what most people envision when singing "The Twelve Days of Christmas." From Turtle & Dove, two attorneys that try to convince Alice to sue Santa Claus for invasion of privacy to milkmaids who have created a union and are on strike because of poor working conditions, the play turns the traditional holiday song into a fast-paced zany collection of characters. Designed to be performed by middle and high schools with large drama classes, this play keeps theatre-goers wondering who will show up every time Alice opens her mouth and sings the next verse.
Hendricks Civic Theatre
Clio Cast and Crew
Clio, MI
Baker Prairie Middle School
Canby, OR
Monroe, UT
DHS Drama Class
Durand, MI
Oak Park High School
Oak Park, MI
"Fun, entertaining. Perfect for my middle school group. Audience was constantly laughing and complimenting the show. Only downside was there was no break between scenes for the main characters. They were on stage acting from start to finish. You have to have strong actors for those roles."
By heather hall - teacherdirector - spanish fort middle school
"The Twelve Daze of Christmas is an awesome play. It is so funny! Sixth graders were my primary cast members and they really worked hard. They made the show a huge hit and gained valuable experience as actors. I am very proud of the final product. I would love to do the play again in a few years!"
By Starr Cortes - Drama Teacher/Director - Toana Middle School (VA)
As the director of a large middle school drama group, I noticed that very few plays were available for large casts. So, I decided to turn the popular holiday song, "The Twelve Days of Christmas," into a comedy that would allow virtually all of my young actors to have lines. 'Twelve Daze' twists the song about gift-giving into a parade of wacky characters who will amuse your audience and reinforce some of the best themes of Christmas - goodwill, joy, and giving. I laugh out loud every time I read it. The characters are so unexpected that every verse catches the audience off-guard and just adds to the excitement of what could possibly come next!
spanish fort middle school, Mother Goose telling Alice she isn't getting 6 geese a-laying.
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