ISBN: 978-1-61588-373-8
Type: One Act
Genres: Comedy, Classics
Themes: Classic Adaptations, Medieval, Legends & Myths
Duration: 30 minutes
Speaking Cast: 1 female, 7 males, 0-2 either (8-10 total cast)
Flexibility: 0-20 extras
SYNOPSIS: Here's a wacky little comedy that requires only a few props and little rehearsing. Inspired by the story of Robin Hood, this hilarious plot deals with a silly bandit, a fair maid, and an evil prince. There's even a sheriff and enough merry men and guards to provide as large or small a cast as desired. The merry men and guards could be females dressed as men. And, it's all played for laughs. You see, it seems Robin can't quite remember if he and his merry men “rob from the poor and give to the rich” or vice versa. This leads to a riotous ransom, a ridiculous robbery, funny dialogue, comic chases, and even some lively madrigals!
Mount Enterprise High School
Mount Enterprise, TX
Immanuel Lutheran College
Eau Claire, WI
Wilton Public School
Wllton, ND
R.F. Staples Secondary School
Westlock, AB, Canada
Overton Public Schools
Overton, NE
Winner Community Playhouse
Winner, SD
"If you're looking for a Robin Hood story that reminds you of Mel Brooks' Robin Hood--Men in Tights, this is it. My middle school students loved it. Singing, dancing and comedy (the wacky kind middle school kids love!), this script inspires your actors to come up with goofy ideas that will please a general audience. Especially great if your audience is composed of elementary students. My young actors were too shy to wear tights, so I suggested long underwear! That got the kids on a roll. One student asked if she could wear toe socks, and we went with it! A script that can inspire young imaginations is truly fine, and it will fit any budget. I hope I get an opportunity to produce it again."
By Barbra Drake - Director, Designer, Producer - School District of La Farge
"This play was an absolute joy to perform. The whole cast fell in love with it. The characters are awesome and it is a delightful take on an old story. If you want to make an audience laugh, do this play. One of the greatest compliments we received was from a lady who sat through the first half and at intermission she said to me, "It reminds me very much of Monty Python." A comedy can't ask for higher praise than that!"
By Alberta McDonald - Director - Smyrna Merrill Historical Society
"We produced Hood of Sherwood in April 2009 at our college as a community children's theatre production. We were able to take the production to schools as well as invite schools to our campus. One of the highlights was hosting children from an at-risk institution for a fun field trip to Sherwood Forest on our campus. The students participating in the production had a wonderful experience and the play was a hilarious adventure for all. We look forward to future productions from Brooklyn!"
By Danell L. Bemis - Director - Eugene Bible College
by Robert Mauro, Eugene Bible College (OR)
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