ISBN: 978-1-61588-313-4
Types: Musical, Holiday
Genres: Drama, Comedy, Classics
Themes: Classic Adaptations, Christmas
Duration: 90 minutes
Speaking Cast: 3-6 females, 6-8 males, 0-1 either (10-14 total cast)
Flexibility: doubling possible, gender flexible
SYNOPSIS: It's Christmas in New York in 1905. Imagine the excitement of a busy street, bustling with shoppers and carolers singing joys of the season. Della, a stunning young woman, strolls along, looking in store windows, a bit saddened that she only has $1.87 to spend on a gift for her husband, Jim. Down the street, Jim does likewise; wistfully knowing that the items in the stores that he would love to buy for Della are beyond his means. Yes, you have entered a beautiful musical adaptation of O. Henry's, The Gift of the Magi, which will thrill and inspire your audiences year after year.
This adaptation is perfectly written for the stage with sub-plots, drama and intrigue that enhance the core storyline and reinforce the true meaning of Christmas. Questions of impropriety seize the lives of Della and Jim, who remain faithful to each other and persevere through the toughest of times. Friends, co-workers, bosses and policemen are artfully woven into the story and play an important part in setting the stage and resolving the crisis. The masterful score blends beautifully with the story and adds the majesty and magic, which ultimately reveals the true heart of this Christmas Love Story.
This is an easy-to-produce musical with a set that can be as Spartan or extravagant as you desire, while offering a highly flexible cast with opportunities for doubling and choral extras.
What they have to say:
"If you ever needed a little help getting into the Holiday Season, this musical version of O. Henry's famous short story, ‘Gift of the Magi', will surely capture your spirit and put you into the mood." – Hermine Hilton, Malibu Chronicle
"Family-friendly, tuneful and funny; it is a welcome addition to the seasonal theatrical repertoire." – Gary Ginell, VC Onstage
"The show's closing, ‘The Greatest Gift of All', could become a Holiday Classic." – Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA
"Beverly Bremers' score and Faith Grant's special plot twists make the musical special. It's family friendly and the music tickles your ears." – Barry Pearl, Director
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Hillcrest Center for the Arts
Thousand Oaks, CA
Christ Classical Academy Drama Club
Dyersburg, TN
Area Community Theatre
Tomah, WI
Fauquier Community Theatre
Warrenton, VA
West Central Community School District
Maynard, IA
Palestine Community Theater, Inc.
Palestine, TX
"We thoroughly enjoyed performing this play and leaving our audience with the heartwarming message the story tells. The cast was largely first-time performers and I was very pleased with how well they were able to adapt to the characters. The music was challenging and because of that we made some adjustments but all being said, I am calling it a success!"
By Elaine VandeVorde - Director - West Central Community School District
We have always loved the writings of author, O. Henry, and wanted to pay tribute to his quintessential Christmas love story, “Gift of the Magi.” His message of selfless giving and sacrifice is one that has been told in many forms over the years. Expanding his original work with new characters and plot lines, we worked diligently to stay true to the original meaning and irony in his classic piece, while giving it a more substantial platform. We hope that our musical story will also ring timeless, and be enjoyed for years to come every holiday season by audiences of all ages.

This show can be produced on a grand scale with choral groups, single castings, elaborate sets and period costumes or scaled down with double castings, suggested sets and sparse costumes. The dialogue is written true to the period and is best delivered as such. For example, saying the watch is a “dandy” is today's equivalent of calling it “awesome.” The show appeals to audiences of all ages and is not too long for children and senior citizens. The prevailing message about selfless love and the true spirit of giving coupled with the festive score transports the viewers straight into the holiday spirit.

Hillcrest Center for the Arts (CA); Photo by Paul Cranmer
Hillcrest Center for the Arts (CA); Photo by Paul Cranmer
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