ISBN: 978-1-61588-223-6
Types: Full Length, Holiday
Genres: Comedy, Farce, Classics
Themes: Christmas, Classic Adaptations
Duration: 85 minutes
Speaking Cast: 6 females, 4 males, 6 either (16 total cast)
Flexibility: gender flexible
SYNOPSIS: Gadzooks! The Royal Shakespeare Company hasn't arrived as promised to perform their stirring rendition of "A Christmas Carol." So our intrepid band of hapless actors and technicians must put together their own production in only seven hours! What a pity that they are not quite up to the task, even though they give it their all. Have you ever experienced backstage mayhem? Well, you haven't seen anything yet! The play focuses on these poor but dedicated thespians doing their best while chaos is all around them: two kids fighting over who gets to play Tiny Tim, a confused actor who thinks she's in another show, a haughty lead actor, one actor playing both Bob and Mrs. Cratchit, an out-of-control director, thrown together props and costumes, ridiculous scenery, and tons of flubs and confusion. Most of the actors in the show play multiple roles in this extremely fast-paced and physical comedy. Even the light and sound board operators are characters in the show! The play is a hilarious backstage comedy that pokes fun at the classic novel and everything that can go wrong with a theatrical production.
The Village Players
Brandon, FL, FL
Area Community Theatre
Mitchell, SD
King's Players Community Theatre
Virginia Beach, VA
Bueker Middle School
Marshall, MO
First Avenue Playhouse
Atlantic Highlands, NJ
Sierra Vista Community Theatre
Sierra Vista, AZ
"A hysterical play, easy to produce and fun for all audiences!"
By Douglas
"We had a great time with this play. My high school cast enjoyed their characters, the silly props, and the laughs they got from the audience. It was easy to produce, as far as the sets and props."
By Lee Ann Young - DirectorSponsor - Delhi Charter School
"We had a wonderful time mounting this funny spoof of Dicken's classic. There's plenty of space for the actors and the director to be creative with the staging. It's a great holiday show that the audience enjoyed immensely."
By Brent Christensen - Director - William S. Hart High School
A Christmas Chaos began as a short play titled, "8 Minute Christmas Carol." It was part of an original holiday show produced in Texas called: "Live From DeSoto: A TV Christmas Special" and featured an all-youth cast. A year later, the short play was greatly expanded to full-length in celebration of New Moon Productions' last season in Texas. Several of the events and characters featured in the play are lightly based on real backstage mayhem experienced during our ten years there. After moving to Portland, Oregon (and several re-writes later), the show saw two more productions - one with an adult cast and one with a youth cast. Based on cast and audience feedback, the play was once again rewritten to its current state.
by Michael Wehrli
Ft. Carson Community Theatre
by Michael Wehrli, Fort Carson Community Theatre (CO)
Ft. Carson Community Theatre
Ft. Carson Community Theatre
Ft. Carson Community Theatre
Ft. Carson Community Theatre
Ft. Carson Community Theatre
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