ISBN: 978-1-60003-919-5
Type: Duet
Genres: Fantasy, Dark Comedy, Drama
Themes: Emotional Distress, Fear, Subconscious
Duration: 10 minutes
Speaking Cast: 2 males (2 total cast)
SYNOPSIS: Set inside the troubled mind of an insomniac, this experimental ten-minute play explores the psychological landscape of that unsettling place between awake and asleep. A tired, but restless Lucas tries to lull himself to dreamland with relaxation exercises. The personification of Lucas’s racing thoughts appears. He desperately pleads for Lucas to stay awake to avoid the beasts that feast that are waiting in his dreams. Succumbing to exhaustion, Lucas leaves his subconscious self to do battle alone in his nightmare world. This surreal script allows for maximal creative interpretation and has no technical requirements. A version of this play is also available for a cast of two female actors under the title Lucy Dreaming.
USD 489
Hays, KS
West Fargo Public Schools- Horace High
Horace, ND
Newark Board of Education
Newark, NJ
Two Rivers
Mendota Heights, MN
Virginia Jr. High School
Virginia, IL
Linn High School
Linn, MO
"Lucas Dreaming is a witty, creative piece that really emphasizes the struggles of an insomniac. Perfect length and very well written."
By Greta Wolking - Actor - SWAN (Support Women Artists Now)
"I enjoyed this script because it is an extremely unique idea and is open to personal creative interpretation and stylistic approaches. A very welcome departure from the typical 'two person and a bench' one-act scene."
By Craig S. Zimmermann - Director - Barn Theatre
"Lucas Dreaming is a beautifully haunting and wonderfully dark joyride into the human psyche. In the 3 years and 400 plus scripts I read, Lucy Dreaming was one of my favorites of all."
By Michael Haddad - Producer Director - Hovey Players
Given the experimental dream-like nature of this script, directors, designers, and actors have the utmost flexibility in their artistic choices. This play may be performed with no technical elements: no set, no props, no costumes, no sound effects, and no special lighting. On the other hand, Lucas Dreaming may be as multifaceted as creativity and resources allow. The set may be a bedroom or an abstract representation of the subconscious. Props might include long sheets of fabric, flashlights, alarm clocks, or visual representations of Lucas’s drifting thoughts. The costumes may be pajamas or something more surreal, perhaps flowing robes that accentuate movement and lighting effects. The actors may be dressed identically or in contrast. Sound effects may be pre-recorded or created live by the actors or crew. Special effects might include projected imagery, gobos or other unusual lighting, or fog machines. You may choose to utilize movement, dance, mime, mask, or puppetry. The role of LUCAS 2 may be cast as a single person or a chorus of voices and bodies. If more than one actor is cast as LUCAS 2, LUCAS 2’s lines may be spoken in unison, divided up, or a combination thereof.
Michael Bonilla at Zoot Theatre Company in Dayton, Ohio. Directed by Stacey Lane (2012)
Robert Linder at Sundown Collaborative Theatre in Denton, Texas. Directed by Cody Lucas....
Zoot Theatre Company in Dayton, Ohio. Directed by Stacey Lane (2012)
Michael Bonilla at Zoot Theatre Company in Dayton, Ohio. Directed by Stacey Lane (2012)
Zoot Theatre Company in Dayton, Ohio. Directed by Stacey Lane (2012)
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