ISBN: 978-1-61588-100-0
Type: Musical
Genre: Comedy
Themes: Love & Romance, Nostalgia
Duration: 90 minutes
Speaking Cast: 6 females, 7 males (13 total cast)
Flexibility: 5-20 extras
SYNOPSIS: Love! At the Cafe! is a romantic comedy with big 1950's song and dance numbers. Love! is about two love triangles and conflicts that emerge in the "simple" times of the 50s at Bonnie's Cafe. The main character is the all-American teenage boy, Jimmy, who has had a crush on the pretty waitress, Sharon, for a very long time. He is about to disclose his "love" to her by asking her to the fourth of July party, only to be thwarted by the evil, self-centered and rich Fred, who has already asked her to the party. The other young couple is the head cook, Melvin, who is engaged to the flamboyant, actress wanna-be, Candy, who is now in hot pursuit by the phony Hollywood "producer", Jet. The older Bonnie runs the Cafe and is in the middle of all the shenanigans.
Love! is the perfect musical for high schools, colleges and community theatres. One basic set - Bonnie's Cafe - 7 principal roles; 5 supporting roles; supporting cast as chorus affords flexibility in extras. Guaranteed enjoyment for audience and cast.
Production grants available for this musical. Call for more information.
River View High School
Bradshaw, WV
Thomas Jefferson Charter School
Caldwell, ID
Curtain Call Theatre, Inc.
Montgomery, MN
Stayton High School
Stayton, OR
Cherise Soignet Music Studio
Vacherie, LA
San Jacinto High School
San Jacinto, CA
Jim Conant had a wonderful story written and knew it needed songs to bring it to life! I was delighted to write the songs that brought this musical into being. It has a delightful, universal story that transcends time and is loved by all ages!
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