ISBN: 978-1-61588-016-4
Type: Musical
Genres: Comedy, Melodrama
Themes: Westerns, Scheming, Crime
Duration: 90 minutes
Speaking Cast: 15 females, 11 males (26 total cast)
SYNOPSIS: Perfect for Middle School.
Hook and Ratface Ragoo are two of the greediest varmints to cross into Arizona territory. Dirtbag Scuzz and the Casadeech Gang are bottom of the bucket scum. They live in Arizona. As luck would have it, they all meet in the little Western town of Nowhere.
Now it just so happens the townsfolk of Nowhere are planning a talent show to raise money for a new hospital (the talent show acts are downright delirious, outright hilarious!). Good for the outlaws, bad for the townspeople. By fair means or foul, mostly foul, Hook and Ratface, scheming with Dirtbag Scuzz and the Casadeech Gang, plot to heist the talent show and trot out of town with the proceeds, nobody the wiser. Hiss! Boo! Hiss! Enter Wendell Wishbone, alias the Brave Buckaroo, who fearlessly tracks down the bandits, heroically rescues the hostage (our heroine, Gina Parmesan, the apple of his eye), and courageously recovers the stolen money. Now that's a hero! Crowd-pleasing comedy and toe-tapping tunes, with the likes of the persnickety Persquacky sisters, Fanny Swinette and the Porklin' Piggies, Matilda Muneygoat, and Puddenface Pete, shucks, your cast and audience will be going Nowhere fast!
Fort Bend ISD
Missouri City, TX
St. Ansgar High School
St. Ansgar, IA
Galena Middle School
Galena, IL
Mt.Olive Schools
Benld, IL
Quail Valley Middle School
Missouri City, TX
Georgetown Middle School
Georgetown, SC
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