ISBN: 978-1-60003-505-0
Type: One Act
Genres: Comedy, Parody
Themes: Westerns, Work, Interview
Duration: 60 minutes
Speaking Cast: 5 females, 4 males (9 total cast)
SYNOPSIS: Legendary western hero Skipalong Rafferty needs a new sidekick. His last three have died under unusual circumstances. So Skipalong has his personal secretary, Netti Buntline, hold a “Sidekick Contest,” which consists of various “sidekick endeavors” such as: making horribly tasting coffee, running out of bullets during a gunfight and throwing his pistol at the bad guy, chasing after a villain and losing his britches in the process, making absurd faces at the taste of a shot of Red Eye, getting loose from a hogtie, and a few other “challenges.” But bizarre accidents keep causing Skipalong to lose the services of his many personal secretaries, resulting in a tie between all four of the scruffy sidekick contestants. Now Skipalong has to make the choice himself, and a few twists are going to put him in a predicament he never expected.
Sunbury United Methodist Players
Sunbury, OH
Hysterical Players
Oakfield, ME
Powers Lake Civic Club
Powers Lake, ND
Winter Ranch Resort
Alamo, TX
Eustis-Farnam High School
Eustis, NE
Night Fox Theatre
Fox Valley, SK, Canada
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