ISBN: 978-1-60003-505-0
Type: One Act
Genres: Comedy, Parody
Themes: Westerns, Work, Interview
Duration: 60 minutes
Speaking Cast: 5 females, 4 males (9 total cast)
SYNOPSIS: Legendary western hero Skipalong Rafferty needs a new sidekick. His last three have died under unusual circumstances. So Skipalong has his personal secretary, Netti Buntline, hold a “Sidekick Contest,” which consists of various “sidekick endeavors” such as: making horribly tasting coffee, running out of bullets during a gunfight and throwing his pistol at the bad guy, chasing after a villain and losing his britches in the process, making absurd faces at the taste of a shot of Red Eye, getting loose from a hogtie, and a few other “challenges.” But bizarre accidents keep causing Skipalong to lose the services of his many personal secretaries, resulting in a tie between all four of the scruffy sidekick contestants. Now Skipalong has to make the choice himself, and a few twists are going to put him in a predicament he never expected.
Potosi School District
Potosi, WI
The Hayloft
Ashley, ND
Chelsea, SD
McBride Secondary School
McBride, BC, Canada
Mesa East Playhouse Players
Duluth, MN
Sunbury United Methodist Players
Sunbury, OH
"My students loved working on this production. The roles are very fun - the stoic cowboys, brassy saloon girl, bush woman, and nerdy hero. The lines are witty and the action is lively. Fun show for the audience. They were totally shocked when the the cowboys dropped their drawers - and glad that they were well covered - so the laughs could continue."
By Ingrid Stengler - Director - McBride Secondary School
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