ISBN: 978-1-60003-148-9
Type: Full Length
Genres: Comedy, Parody
Themes: Movies, Film & Television, Time Travel, Superhero/Super Powers
Duration: 110 minutes
Speaking Cast: 13 females, 6 males, 10-18 either (29-37 total cast)
Flexibility: doubling possible, gender flexible
SYNOPSIS: Looking for a shameless takeoff on the popular Austin Powers movie series? Look no further! Dr. Nogood is on the loose, and international man of intrigue, Ashton Towers, is brought in coffin-like and covered in foil. When he is finally revitalized, he sits up stiffly and says, “Yeah, baby!” Dr. Nogood’s hilarious satellite discussion with the cabinet and Ashton Towers reveals that he is building-horrors!-a time machine. And guess who he’s got to protect it? Mini-you-a clever creation using one actor as the legs and another as the body! Ashton and Nogood face-off in the Time Machine, transforming from a cowboy showdown to knights in armor to cavemen. We even get a tasteful but hilarious takeoff on the movie compilation scenes of words we can’t say. Easy to produce, with simple settings and flexible casting, Ashton Towers is sure to leave your audience saying, “Yeah, baby!”
Blackduck, MN
Lincoln JrSr High
Lincoln, KS
Barnesville Community Education
Barnesville, MN
Union High School
La Porte City, IA
Horizon Community Middle School
Aurora, CO
Willard City Schools
Williard, OH
"These kids did a fantastic job with the bare minimum in staging and sets. Actors, parents, and audience all thoroughly enjoyed it."
By Ruth Levy, Theatre Director, Carrolwood Players, Tampa, FL
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