ISBN: 978-1-60003-435-0
Types: Full Length, Dinner Theatre
Genre: Comedy
Themes: Friendship, Work, Food
Duration: 90 minutes
Speaking Cast: 12 females, 8 males (20 total cast)
SYNOPSIS: Ashlee Martin, a young waitress at the All American Diner in the town of Jacksonville, located in the heart of east Texas, dreams of finding a better life somewhere else. Yet, fate holds her at the diner just a little longer so the cast of zany characters that include a nursing home escapee, a used lawnmower peddler, a welder who insists on telling corny jokes and a yokel who might have won the lottery can unwittingly create a hilarious chain of events that show Ashlee her “better life” was always right in Jacksonville.
Bishop Miege High School
Roeland Park, KS
Hobart High School
Hobart, OK
Oskaloosa Public Schools
Oskaloosa, KS
Louisville High School
Louisville, OH
Okanogan School District
Okanogan, WA
Kuemper Catholic High School
Carroll, IA
"We had so much fun with this play. The characters were so unique. The play was chosen by the students because it was an ensemble cast and everyone had a good amount of stage time."
By Susan Glass - Director - Kuemper Catholic High School
"Somewhere Else Dreams is a play with a range of characters to play and numerous parts with fairly equal weight and stage time. The play is highly producible for the high school director."
By Michael Sullivan - Theater Director - Strake Jesuit College Preparatory
Theater groups that have produced this play have really had fun, as cast, crew, and audience alike can identify with the characters. There are no set changes and the set can be as simple or elaborate as the crew desires.
by Jeffrey Strausser
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