ISBN: 978-1-93240-451-7
Type: Duet
Genre: Comedy
Themes: Teen Experience, Women, Friendship
Duration: 25 minutes
Speaking Cast: 2-10 females (2-10 total cast)
SYNOPSIS: This collection of five five-minute comedy duos for young and middle teen women will bring on the laughs both in the classroom and on stage. Duos include: 1. Chances - Karen is selling raffle tickets, but Mrs. Smith isn't buying her sales pitch. 2. Small Talk - Jan sits next to Doris on a bus and strikes up an uninvited conversation. Jan is rendered speechless when the tables are turned. 3. Breaking Up - Christy is helping Lisa write a break-up letter to Eric, but Christy can't wait to date Eric herself. Now, Lisa's feelings are all mixed up. 4. Gym Class - Two girls plot to avoid any and all forms of exercise in physical education class. 5. Mr. Miller - Holly and Cari have come to pay their final respects to the school's cruelest teacher. Will he deduct ten points when they show up late? They're not so sure!
Immanuel Lutheran School
Appleton, WI
Middle School Theatre
Taylors, SC
LBJ Middle School Drama
Pharr, TX
warren Middle school
gillette, NJ
Solon Middle School Drama
Johnson Junior High
Grimes, CA
"The kids really love all the Laurie Allen collections. They're excited to perform these hilarious short comedies."
By James Spriggs, 7th Grade English Teacher, Hamilton Middle School, Houston, TX
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