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How can I order one of your plays?
How can I pay for my order?
I need my order as soon as possible. How do I request expedited shipping?
How can I make changes to an order before it is shipped?
Why haven’t you shipped my order of scripts?
We have decided not to perform the play we ordered. Can we return the scripts?
I did not receive my digital script!
Can I purchase an eScript or download copy of a ten minute monologue, ten minute duet, ten minute skit & play, or skit & play collection?
What is a royalty and when do I have to pay it?
I have a very small budget. Can I purchase just one script and photocopy it for my cast?
Can I alter the play I have purchased for my performance?
What are Limited Video Rights?
Limited Video Rights
Limited Video Rights are available for most Works. If available, your purchase will grant you:
  1. Right to digitally record the performances.
  2. Right to make up to 100 reproductions with the following notice affixed to each reproduction:
  3. Warning: For private home use only. Unauthorized public performance, broadcasting, copying or distribution is a violation of applicable Federal and International laws.
    Brooklyn Publishers
    Copyright © [Author's Name]
  4. Right to sell and distribute these reproductions.
  5. Right to air the digital recording on your local cable or public access channel for a period not to exceed 60 days from the first performance date.
No rights are conveyed through the purchase of this product to allow video uploads for internet streaming. This includes YouTube, Facebook, and other sites of that nature. Limited Video Rights are only available if cast Scripts and Performance Royalty purchase has been made.
What are Limited Streaming/Broadcast Rights?
Approved Streaming Services
What are "Extra Streams"?
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