Frequently Asked Questions
I have questions about the Broadway Series, where can I find those answers?
How can I order one of your plays?
How can I pay for my order?
I need my order as soon as possible. How do I request expedited shipping?
How can I make changes to an order before it is shipped?
Why haven’t you shipped my order of scripts?
We have decided not to perform the play we ordered. Can we return the scripts?
What is an “eScript”?
Our eScript Perusals are a convenient way to preview a Full Length or Short Play before selecting it for performance. You are given two ways to download the script:

1) A link is provided immediately after your purchase on the confirmation page.

2) Your script will remain available for download in My Account for up to 10 days after purchase. Log in to your account via the link in the upper right-hand corner of the page, go to the Product Library tab, find your title and click the Download button!

Please note that these scripts are for play selection purposes only and may not be printed, photocopied, or used for performance. You will need the latest version of Adobe Reader to view the eScript.

Can I purchase an eScript or download copy of a ten minute monologue, ten minute duet, ten minute skit & play, or skit & play collection?
What is a royalty and when do I have to pay it?
I have a very small budget. Can I purchase just one script and photocopy it for my cast?
Can I alter the play I have purchased for my performance?
What are Limited Video Rights?
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