Frequently Asked Questions
Who can License a Broadway Series Musical?
The Broadway Series provides you with a complete ShowKit™ or Production Pack at a fixed price with performance rights for one year. This special license is intended for accredited academic institutions with performers in grades 9 and lower. Additionally, churches may license Godspell.

If you have any questions with respect to license rights, please contact us at or 888-473-8521

How do I License a Broadway Series Musical?
How long can we perform this show?
Can I perform the same show the next year and just purchase the rights since I already have the materials?
Can I videotape the performance?
Can I post a video of our performance on YouTube?
I have a few students who were in the 9th grade last year and are going into the 10th grade, can I still allow them to perform in the show?
Can I perform only certain musical numbers from the show?
I have a question that's not listed. How do I contact a person?
What Comes With the ShowKit™?
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