ToniAnn Guadagnoli

ToniAnn GuadagnoliIn 2009, ToniAnn Guadagnoli crafted a letter to her sons 3rd grade teacher, Karen Carrese, regarding a few issues that needed to be addressed in the classroom. Mrs. Carrese told her that it was the most impressive and well-written parent letter that she had ever received in all her years as a teacher. Unbeknownst to ToniAnn, this teacher was also the director of the schools drama group. Once Mrs. Carrese learned that Mrs. Guadagnoli enjoyed writing short stories and screenplays in her spare time, it wasnt long before ToniAnn was volunteering her services as the schools playwright.
Since then, ToniAnn has written three full-length plays for the school. Each has been performed at least five times by the Dixon Players in Pace, FL. Groove-a-rella was the first stage play that Guadagnoli ever wrote and it is her first play to be published.
Prior to her move to Florida, ToniAnn worked as an editor for a division of Pearson Education in New York. She also taught 3rd grade for one year before becoming a stay-at-home mother in 2000. Long before achieving her dream of becoming a published playwright, ToniAnn wrote a childrens book entitled, Chitter Chatter and self-published a cookbook called Recipes Remembrances: A Chef in Every Familys Kitchen.
ToniAnn Guadagnoli continues writing in her spare time, but is currently pursuing a full-time job in education. She hopes and prays that there will be many more published plays in her future.

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