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Todd WallingerTodd Wallinger grew up in the small town of Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. In the 1970's, Beaver Dam wasnrsquot exactly a Mecca of culture, but three times a year the local community theatre took over the town's only movie house and put on a show. That is where Todd first fell in love with theatre.
He made his own theatrical debut on that stage at the age of 11, appearing as an unusually large munchkin in The Wizard of Oz. Even then, it was obvious that if Todd was going to have a career in theatre, it was not going to involve singing.
Years later, Todd took the practical approach to life, earning a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering. But his love of theatre never left him, and he eventually realized there's nothing practical about being afraid to follow your dreams.
In 2005, Todd took the plunge and, with little more than a handful of posters and an astonishing amount of naivete, launched a children's theater company in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Although he enjoyed directing, it was in working with such talented students that Todd discovered his true calling: playwriting.
Since then, he has written several plays for the youth market, focusing on light-hearted comedies with over-the-top characters that kids love to play.
Todd is always happy to talk to students about theatre and playwriting. For information on setting up a school visit or video chat, visit his web site. Just don't ask him to sing.

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