Rosemary FrisinoToohey

Rosemary FrisinoToohey
Produced on 4 continents and in 42 states, Rosemary FrisinoToohey has had nearly 400 productions of her plays around the world. In London, her work was Audience Favorite in the British Theatre Challenge, in Chicago she was Gold Medal Winner in the Italian American Theatre's First Playwright Competition, and in 2021, her one-act on racism premiered in the Columbus Black Theatre Festival in Ohio. She has won the Next Generation Playwriting Contest in New York, the Baltimore Playwrights Festival (thrice) and the National Towngate Theatre Contest (twice.) Several of her plays have been published in the online quarterly Fleas On The Dog and her screenplay appeared in the Artemis Arts Anthology. A proud member of The Dramatists Guild of America, FrisinoToohey also holds long-standing membership in SAG-AFTRA.

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