Kevin Kelleher

Kevin KelleherA native Iowan, Kevin Kelleher began his writing career at an early age with the hit novella, Vu Taka, which he wrote in the 8th grade. His English teacher, Mr. Johnson, still keeps an autographed copy in his desk as an emergency retirement plan. In 2005 he was commissioned by the Sioux City Diocese to research, write, produce and perform several historical reenactments. Later that same year, Kevin wrote and directed his first full-length play, The Tale of Sir George, from which over $2,500 was donated to the Fort Dodge Senior High Drama Department. In 2008, Kevin was selected as a finalist for the first-ever Undergraduate Writing Contest sponsored by CONTENT Magazine in Iowa City, Iowa. His poetry was published in Lyrical Iowa 2009, and his musical arrangements have been performed by Iowa Central Community College's Performing Arts Department in Fort Dodge, Iowa. He's taught playwrighting and lectured on leadership and professionalism for Lead America's Theatre Arts Conference in the Bronx, New York, and was an adjunct instructor of English for Iowa Central Community College. His latest project, The Madrigal Dinner, was a comedic dinner theatre musical that sold out every performance of its premiere run at Willow Ridge Restaurant Golf Course in Fort Dodge, Iowa in January of 2011. Kevin Kelleher currently lives and works in Manhattan, New York.

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