James Spicer Conant

Romaaaaantic comedy.
The ups and the downs, the triumphs and the struggles, and the humor of a relationship. Isn't that the most fun aspect of life? That s-p-a-r-k! I think so and that's why I enjoy writing in this genre.
I hope you enjoy producing "Love! At the Cafe!" as much as Karen and I enjoyed creating it. If you're within a plane ride of Omaha, and if you so wish, I'll come talk to you/your chosen cast to answer any questions you/they might have.
I'm turning 50 this year--whowhee! My 13 year old son's name is Wally--he's an English Springer Spaniel. No other kids. My significant other's name is Sharon.
Thank you for choosing "Love! At the Cafe!"
Jim won the Outstanding New Script Award from the Theatre Arts Guild. A Chicago native, Jim lives in Omaha, Ne. and has a law degree from the University of Nebraska and an accounting degree/CPA from SMU in Dallas, Texas. A former State Champion in high school, Jim's athletic passion is tennis which he teaches. Now, at near 50, he just hopes to get his serve in.

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