Faith Grant

Faith Grant began her writing career working as an entertainment journalist for LA City News Network and had her own entertainment column in the Salem Times Newspaper in Oregon.  She was also a staff writer for the American Psychiatric Association's newspaper. Faith worked many years for Bob Stewart Productions (“25,000 Pyramid,” “Celebrity Double Talk”) developing new shows and writing puzzles and copy for current ones. She wrote a book called "How to Win Big Bucks on Game Shows" shedding light on the backstage workings of the game show industry.
After that, she was a staff writer for Kushner-Locke Productions and Four Point Entertainment penning 14 produced teleplays for the long running, "Divorce Court.” Additionally, she served as a story editor for many produced television scripts. In 2014, “Gift of the Magi: The Musical,” that she co-wrote and produced, premiered in Los Angeles at the Hillcrest Center for the Arts. Shortly after, Faith's teen/tween novel, “Totally Boy Crazy,” was published. Faith lives in Thousand Oaks, California with her husband and two teenage children.

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