Craig W. Stump

I was born in 1955, Eisenhower was president. I saw the Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show. I have memories of JFK's, RFK's, and Martin Luther King, Jr.'s assasinations, the Vietnam War, watching man walking on the moon for the first time, hippies, Woodstock, the first Earth Day, Watergate, Elvis' death, disco, MASH, to name but a few. I started teaching in 1978, and coached high school girls' gymnastics. I was a public school administrator for a time, and presently I am back in the classroom having as much fun as ever. I have directed a few Junior Class Plays at Avon Grove High School in West Grove, PA. Recently, I have begun writing plays. I have completed two, with several more in mind. With any luck, I will be writing for some time to come.

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