Cliff McClelland

Cliff McClelland
Cliff McClelland is a writer and director from the Dallas, Texas area. He has written over thirty plays, seventeen screenplays, and a novel, Dust to Dust, published last May by Scarsdale Publishing and available on Amazon. McClelland wrote and directed his first full-length feature film, the teen comedy Open Mike Night, in 2005, followed by a SAG horror film, From the Dark, in 2009. From the Dark had its world premiere at the AFI Film Festival in Dallas, TX and currently resides on Tubi. He has both his Bachelor's and Master's degrees in English and the Humanities and recently retired from teaching theatre after thirty years. He continues to believe that in the act of creating--be it the design of a building, the production of a play, even a well-laid out garden--man is the closest he'll ever be to understanding God.

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