August Mergelman

August MergelmanAs a playwright, August's goal is simple: to bring classical works to the modern audience. It seems that so many of the world's great dramas are obscured by their own magnitude. August does not believe that any of history's great playwrights would truly want their works to be intimidating or bewildering. First and foremost, they were showman; they crafted their works to be engaging, challenging, and, most importantly, entertaining.
August has been featured in the Playwrights' Showcase of the Western Region and the Rocky Mountain Theatre Association's Playwrighting Competition. His first adaptation, A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S WESTERN, has been published by Pioneer Drama Service. His other adaptations include ISABELLA AND THE DUKE (MEASURE FOR MEASURE), SOLAR TEMPEST, and THE SECOND SHEPHERD'S CHRISTMAS (A Medieval Cycle Play).
As a fourth-generation Colorado native, August is proud of his western heritage, which is manifest in several of his western settings.

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